Drought alters schedule for Leaf Season collection

The impact of the prolonged drought on Sacramento trees could mean an earlier than normal leaf drop for some tree species.

In response to the early leaf drop, the city plans to modify its leaf season pickup schedule for 2015. Residents can legally put out leaf piles starting October 19, 2015. Collection will begin the week of October 19, 2015 and will end on its normal date of January 31, 2016. Until October 19, 2015, residents must use only their yard waste container for leaf collection. Piles out early may be tagged as illegal dumping and fines are possible.

Continue using Yard Waste Containers

More than 27,000 Tons of yard waste is collected during leaf season and over half of the tonnage is from weekly container service. Residents are being reminded to fill the container first then pile. Container service will always occur weekly and on residents regularly scheduled collection days.

Claw Schedule

It can take crews on average up to two weeks to complete one leaf sweep of the City, depending on leaf volume and weather conditions. In the early part of the season collection may be more frequent. All streets will have at least one collection occur between October 19 and October 30, 2015.

From October 23, 2015 to January 31, 2016, residents can get an estimate of when the next pile collection will occur in their neighborhood by visiting Sac Recycle. The schedule will show the last pickup and an estimate of the next collection date. The schedule is updated daily based on volume of yard waste from the previous day, weather conditions and equipment availability. Check back frequently since dates do change often.

Drought Impact on Trees

According to Joe Benassini, the City of Sacramento’s Urban Forester, drought can cause premature leaf abscission (drop) depending on species and other factors. “However it is also
difficult to distinguish between leaf drop due to drought, versus heat response, versus other problems,” states Benassini. “There will likely be an increase in early leaf fall to some degree but not overwhelming. There are still many perfectly healthy trees that will drop normally, so the season will not be shorter.”

Household Junk Collection to go on Hiatus – Appliance & E-waste continues year-round

The same crews and equipment used for the Household Junk Pickup program are deployed for leaf collection during November, December and January. The Household Junk Pickup will be limited the last two weeks of October and will go on its planned hiatus in November. The program will resume in February.

Appliance & E-waste collection occurs years round and appointments are available during leaf season.

All residents can make up to two appointments for junk pickup and two appointments for appliance e-waste in a calendar year. More information is available at Sac Recycle.

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