An inside look at the Ice Blocks Project development on R Street

Even though it won’t be completed for another year, the Ice Blocks Project has already begun signing office and retail tenants to the 200,000 square-foot mixed-use buildings on R Street between 16th and 18th Streets.

The Ice Blocks Project is a re-use of the century-old Crystal Ice and Cold Storage building, last used in 1997.  It is presently being rehabilitated into a three-story retail and office building.

One of the key aspects of the Ice Blocks project is the unique elements it brings to a mixed-use building.  The property will offer open, “industrial-look” working spaces, exposed brick and concrete or wood floors.

The building sits in an optimal location with direct access to light rail, the 16th Street corridor, and adjacent to several new restaurants and establishments on R Street. The target completion date for the entire Ice Blocks project is December 2016.

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