Sacramento residents urged to “Can it. Scrape it. Trash it.” this holiday season

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities is encouraging all residents to “Can it. Scrape it. Trash it.” during meal cleanup over the holidays. Deep-fried turkey, gravy, buttered rolls and salads are festivity favorites, but they can turn holiday gatherings into messy, costly disasters with improper disposal.

When poured down the drain, fats, oils and grease from food accumulate in pipes. This can lead to clogs, sewage blockages and wastewater backups in homes and neighborhoods. Clogs, on average, cost homeowners approximately $250 to clear household pipes and the City around $500 to clean sewer pipes and overflows.

Grease-related sewer clogs and overflows increase by 50 percent over the holiday season. Please do your part to keep our communities clean.

Remember to “Can it. Scrape it. Trash it.” For more information, visit Sacramento Fat Free Drains, or call 916.264.5011.