Be a part of a Caring Neighborhood

The holidays are just around the corner, with bright lights and events going on all around the city. If you are looking to donate your time around this season, the City of Sacramento has a great opportunity for you to get involved and spread the holiday joy! By donating your time to the Caring Neighborhoods program, you have the rewarding opportunity give back to the elderly population in your community.

It has been proven that more and more people are living longer and are staying in their homes for as long as they can. This may lead to isolation due to the fact that they may no longer be connected with family and friends and have limited mobility.

Visit the older folks in your neighborhood to say hello and reach out to see if they may need assistance from time to time.

Caring Neighborhoods encourages the community to unite and reach out to the older folks around them to chat, check in, and even lend a hand. The goal of this program is ensure that everyone in the community has someone that they can reach out to, especially older adults so that it may reduce isolation and alienation and support inclusiveness and interdependence.  Many individuals in the city of Sacramento are growing older and are feeling disconnected in the communities they reside in. In Sacramento alone, there are approximately 47,551 people are over 65. Thirty percent of those individuals are over 80 years old. If you are looking to make a positive impact in your neighborhood, go ahead and reach out to an older neighbor!

To lend a hand and spread the holiday spirit, visit Caring Neighborhoods on the City of Sacramento webpage, Facebook, or email Martha Paterson-Cohen.

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