Smoke detectors are top violation for rental housing in City of Sacramento

-Rental Housing Inspection Program requires lifesaving detectors in homes-

The number one violation within rental homes is missing or non-working smoke detectors. Without a working smoke detector, the risk of a tragic fire increases.

The Community Development Department inspects over 4,000 homes annually through the Rental Housing Inspection Program. One item on the checklist is to locate working smoke detectors which is number one on the list of top 10 violations. Inspectors find smoke detectors missing batteries, not in working condition, incorrectly placed, or they are missing completely from the home.

Following the recent fire fatalities in south Sacramento, the City is reminding property owners, landlords, and tenants of the inspection program. The Rental Housing Inspection Program is in place to ensure tenant safety and to keep owners accountable and their properties up-to-date.

“By maintaining safe rental housing we can prevent tragedies in the community,” said Carl Simpson, Code and Housing Enforcement Chief.

Owners are required to submit a Rental Housing Program Registration form for each rental property. Once registered, building inspectors will schedule an inspection. Common examples of violations are: inoperable or missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, faulty electrical wiring, improper venting of fuel burning appliances, inappropriately installed plumbing, and inadequate or lack of heating.

For more information or to download a form to register your rental property, please visit the Rental Housing Inspection Program online or you may call (916) 808-7368. Visit the Fire Department’s page for more information about the proper use of smoke alarms.

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