We want to know how you rate Sacramento

Annual community survey helps the City plan for growth and improvement

The City of Sacramento invites those who live and work in Sacramento to complete an online survey that will be used as part of the City’s 2035 General Plan annual report and will help capture the community’s perspective on livability and quality of life.

Five minutes is all you need to complete the current Rate Sacramento 2016 survey and will be available through Friday, February 12, 2016.

Survey results will be available in the Annual Report later this spring.

Last year, over 1,800 Sacramento residents and business owners participated in the annual survey, now in its seventh year. Many described Sacramento as a desirable place to live with places to shop, its proximity to college and university choices, as well as its rich history.

Areas for further focus and improvement included employment opportunities, housing, public transportation, and safe neighborhoods. This information is crucial for the City to make necessary plans for the future and to address issues to improve. For example, the Downtown Housing Initiative was announced in 2015 to build and provide more affordable housing. The City is also working on making public transportation more accessible by with the construction of the Sacramento Valley Station and the plan for a street car. For more detailed survey results please see the 2014 Annual Report.

The 2015 Annual Report will be presented to City Council. The report helps guide policy development, establish future priorities and give staff direction on how to implement specific projects and programs outlined in the General Plan.


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