Utilities ramps up water meter installation and replacements of deteriorating water mains

If you see a lot of construction trucks in neighborhoods, here’s why. Over the last 18 months, the Department of Utilities completed significant improvements to the City’s water systems including installing thousands of water meters on homes and replacing water mains that are far beyond the intended lifespan.

The City has installed about 16,000 water meters and almost 650,000 feet of pipe, without incident for about 99.9 percent of customers. With the work completed to date, the City’s water system is now 65 percent metered.

Water Promise Delivered

Installation of water meters and replacing aged water mains is just one of the many improvements Utilities has made to the City’s water and waste water systems. Other improvement projects promised and delivered include:

  • Completed significant upgrades and repairs to the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant on time and under budget.
  • Promised to upgrade six groundwater wells and completed all 29.
  • Planned to upgrade 11 miles of water main pipelines and completed 28 miles.
  • Built a regional wastewater storage facility in Oak Park and completed the project on time and under budget.

Be sure to review recent media reports Sacramento Water Treatment Update Meant to Meet Growing Region’s Demands and Sac Water Treatment Plant Shows Taxpayers How Money Is Used on the City’s successful water projects.

Continuous improvements to the City’s water systems are funded by the rate adjustment approved four years ago. Proposed rate adjustments for the four-year period of 2017-20 will allow the City to continue to speed up the water meter installations and tackle other critical water projects.

For more information about the City’s water and wastewater improvements, visit Your Utilities, Your Community.


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