Update: Results of soil and surface tests at Mangan Park

Test results show play areas are free of any unsafe levels of lead in the soil or lead dust on surface areas

Tests this week show that Mangan Park play areas are free of any unsafe levels of lead in the soil or on surface areas. This includes the playground, archery range, soccer field and picnic area. All areas tested are below the residential standards for lead in soil and on surfaces. Also, the pool water tested clean.

Eight hotspots of elevated levels of lead in soil within five feet from the range building and three hotspots of dust on the range building were detected; however, all the spots are within the area which was fenced off on April 15. Therefore, the public has no access to these areas with levels above the EPA and State standards.

Front fence view, Mangan Park
Front fence view, Mangan Park

Soil and swipe tests were taken by environmental engineering consultant firms Stratus Environmental, Inc., and Entek Consulting Group, Inc. who did the initial interior range tests in 2014. The two firms are well-established, certified experts in the environmental engineering and consulting field.

The City is working with the County Environmental Management Department and State Department of Toxic Substances Control on a work plan to determine what further tests are needed and the type of remediation required.

Learn more at a community meeting:

Community Meeting
Wednesday, April 20
5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Centennial United Methodist Church
5401 Freeport Blvd.

Please see the tables for a summary of the federal EPA and State Public Health Department standards for lead, which varies depending upon the location and element being tested, alongside the test results received today.

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