Hydrogen-powered vehicle brings enhanced sustainability to the City’s fleet

The City of Sacramento seeks to lead by example by increasing the sustainability of City facilities, programs and services

City of Sacramento is one of the few government agencies to add the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai to its Fleet. The ultra-clean, zero emission vehicle will help the City reach its sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Toyota Mirai (and hopefully Toyota SUVs soon, too) is an ultra-clean fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEVs) that is powered by hydrogen and emit only water vapor. Hydrogen is a clean, low-carbon fuel, and California leads the nation in developing fueling stations, with 15 retail stations open—with a  location in West Sacramento—and over 30 more in development.


The City of Sacramento is committed sustainability. In an effort to reduce overall petroleum consumption, the City’s investment in alternative fuel technology resulted in a 22.3 percent decrease in total fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 735 metric tons since 2010.

The goal of the City’s Fleet Management Division is to minimize the reliance on foreign petroleum based fuel products, support sustainability initiatives, and reduce carbon emissions. As been mentioned by James May, since fiscal year 2010, Fleet Management procured 18 compressed natural gas vehicles, 11 battery electric zero emission vehicles, 17 unleaded hybrid sedans, 63 liquefied natural gas refuse trucks, 9 propane vehicles, 2 diesel hybrid refuse trucks and 327 E85 flex fuel vehicles.