City Utilities and SacState Work Together to Reduce Impacts of Run Off to the American River

In 2014, the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities and California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State) landed a $3 million stormwater grant from the State Water Resources Control Board Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant Program.

The grant funds were utilized to design, construct and monitor low impact development measures (LID) on the Sacramento State campus, which will greatly reduce the impacts of the campus runoff on the American River. This project will not only reduce stormwater volumes, but decrease the pollutants discharged into the American River.

Since its implementation, the Sacramento State LID Grant Project has won two awards! The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the California Stormwater Quality Association’s (CASQA’s) Award Program have chosen to specially recognize the efforts of the City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities and Sacramento State in implementing this project to improve the water quality on campus.

On May 11, 2016 the ASCE hosted the Project Awards Dinner at the Crocker Art Museum. The CSUS LID Grant Project was selected as the 2015 ASCE Sacramento Section Urban Development Project of the Year. Also, in September of this year, CASQA will be recognizing and awarding the project the 2016 CASQA Award for BMP Implementation  in San Diego. The Awardees (City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities and Sacramento State) are given the opportunity to present their project at both conferences.

The Sacramento State  LID Grant Project serves as a great example of the City’s LID criteria and utilizes multiple LID measures. The City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities is the grant awardee and a major contributor of in-kind contributions to help this project meet the City’s LID standards. This project aims to encourage the implementation of LID practices throughout the Sacramento region. The project is set to be completed by December, 2016.

“Retrofitting existing facilities to improve stormwater quality is a difficult challenge. This project will incorporate typical Sacramento LID designs and put the results on display for the community,” says Dalia Fadl, senior engineer with the City’s Department of Utilities.

“We are very pleased to be a partner with Sacramento State on this project. Our goal is to transform the Sacramento community with LID designs, one project at a time!”

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