Are you Storm Ready? Register for Sacramento’s alert system

City of Sacramento is asking residents to prepare for the upcoming storm.

Here are five simple steps for you take in case of possible inclement weather conditions:

  1. In case of an emergency, the City encourages residents to register with the emergency alerts notification system.
  2. Check out Flood Ready for more information, and learn how to have an emergency plan in place. You can also visit Sacramento Ready for more information on how you can prepare your family and community for a flooding disaster.
  3. The drought has impacted the health and structural conditions of many trees. As part of routine maintenance, it is important to have a certified arborist inspect trees for any potential issues. In high winds and wet weather, fallen trees or broken tree branches can seriously damage property.
  4. Limit leaf disposal on the street. During Leaf Season, customers are encouraged to fill their yard waste container FIRST before putting leaves on the street for collection. If a storm is expected, put your leaves on the lawn until it is closer to your anticipated collection day. If you have a pile of leaves on the street, please use a broom to ensure that water can flow down the gutter and to the nearest storm drain.
  5. If your property has a tendency to flood, buy sand bags. Don’t wait for an emergency. Sacramento will only distribute sand bags if flooding is imminent and an emergency is declared by the City Manager. Take action in advance to protect your property.
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