Call for donations to support homeless community

The City and Volunteers of America are calling for donations to support the homeless community at City warming centers. As City warming facilities are serving more people, donations of materials such as water and snacks are much needed and greatly appreciated.

Volunteers of America gathered an Amazon shopping list where community members can go online and shop for items such as blankets, granola bars, and water. Once you purchase items from the shopping list, it will be delivered to Volunteers of America, who will then distribute items to either the 9th and I Street Warming Center, Southside Park Weather Refuge Center, or Stanford Settlement. Please note that shipping is only free if you have an Amazon Prime or Amazon Smile account.

Each center is open from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The 9th and I center is being operated by Volunteers of America, the Stanford Settlement Community Center is being operated by Volunteers of America with donations from the County, and the Southside Park center is being operated by the City’s Parks and Rec staff and volunteers. All provide heated indoor space with blankets, water, and snacks for those to come in from the cold and rain.