Presidential declaration will allow Sacramento to recover storm costs

President Trump signed a federal disaster declaration this week for the winter storms hitting Sacramento from January 3 to January 12.  This means the City will recoup up to 75 percent of the costs of any emergency work and repairs caused by the weather, such as employee overtime, levee repairs and sandbags.


During those storms, erosion was spotted by Utilities staff walking the Sacramento River levee near Pioneer Reservoir requiring emergency repairs. More than 1,000 Utilities and Public Works employees responded to more than 1,000 calls about clogged storm drains, trees down, or street lights out. Eight thousand sandbags were distributed out of two locations. With the approval, the City will work with the County, State and FEMA through the next steps of the reimbursement process.

Governor Brown declared a state of emergency for these storms as well. The City is awaiting word on when the process to recoup half of the remaining 25 percent will be initiated.

The President’s Day weekend looks to be a mix of rain and showers throughout, with heavy rain and wind forecasted for Monday.

The Utilities inspection team will continue 24/7 monitoring of all levees as the City initiates this when the Sacramento River level at the I Street bridge reaches 25 feet.

Currently, the gauge is at 26.45 feet. Flood stage is 33.37 feet. The American River models are forecasting that even with the Monday and Tuesday rains the Sacramento River will remain below 27.3 feet.  The American River is forecasted to peak Monday night some 10  below monitoring stage.

Oroville is now at 83 percent capacity and has lowered 42 feet since Sunday.  Even with rains, officials say they are still making additional room.  The incoming storms will not raise the Lake Oroville to significant levels.  Folsom Lake is at 52 percent capacity providing sufficient storage.

Read more about current conditions of Sacramento levees.



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