Public can now track city planning and permit information

City offers expanded tracking tool with a new name—Development Tracker.

Want to find out what’s in the planning stage to be built in your community? The City’s releasing a new online tool to help you find out about upcoming development projects.

Find out what’s going on with Development Tracker

The Community Development Department’s Planning Division is introducing the tool to broaden outreach to neighbors on development applications. Originally developed for the Building Division as Permit Tracker, Development Tracker is an interactive tool that now allows community members to view all planning project applications and building permits currently in-progress within the City of Sacramento.

Development Tracker starts with a location

Users can now query information by typing in an address, parcel number, neighborhood, or Council District, then view the results on an interactive map. There are links to the project application, exhibits, and contact information for the assigned planner.

Development Tracker also includes information about completed projects, going back to 2007 and building permits going back to 1982.

“The Development Tracker tool is a great example of how our City is constantly finding new and better ways to communicate and engage with residents,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg.  “Civic engagement, feedback and participation are essential for shaping and maintaining a great city; this tool helps us do that.”

With Development Tracker, the public can now get a complete picture of what’s happening at a location

  • Track planning applications and view the history of a specific property or area of the city.
  • Track a planning application and subsequent building permits through the approval process.
  • Download project exhibits and other application materials.
  • Contact the assigned project planner for more information or to submit comments.
  • Sign up for auto notification via email when application activity occurs at a specified property.
  • Find out city-wide or neighborhood specific trends through simple maps, graphs, and visualizations.
  • Better understand the planning and development process.

“This is a great tool to better inform the public on upcoming projects in the city,” said Kate Gillespie, Planning Director. “We value the importance of communicating with our constituents and are excited to see Development Tracker providing a new level of outreach.”

Visit Community Development Department for more information.

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