City’s new search engine soon to be the ‘Google’ of Sacramento

The City of Sacramento is pleased to announce the launch of a new regional search engine – This new site offers user-friendly, quick-and-easy access to essential information from the City and various partner organizations throughout Sacramento county.

By gathering data from over 30 websites managed by the City, County, and various organizations, the search engine delivers the best and most relevant results. With this new site, users can perform full-text searches of PDFs and Word documents while also grouping search results based on similar attributes.

The search engine also uses machine learning technology, which means the more you use the site, the more relevant search results will be. The site also features Advanced Search Tools – custom applications tailored to search within specific sources. A Budget tool is currently available, allowing users to perform in-depth searches of the City’s budget information. Future tools include City Newsletters and Permits.

While currently in a preliminary phase, more advanced search tools will be added until the site becomes the primary search engine for anything in our region. The engine contains a robust system with even  more features planned, and will continue to house new information and updates to remain relevant. Eventually, it will replace the search tool on the City’s website.

For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please send us feedback.