Albert Winn Park

Suggestions for the vacant building at Winn Park? We want your opinion!

Have ideas about what to do with this nearly 3,300 square-foot building in Winn Park at 28th and P Street? We want them.

Vacant for more than 12 years, the building is being transformed into something the community can enjoy. The City’s Winn Park Survey offers the community a chance to suggest ideas for what they see as the best use for the vacant building.

Winn Park is located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento with relative close proximity to the new Sacramento Foods Co-op, medical offices including the Sutter Medical Center, Regional Transit’s administrative offices, and other residences. It was once used as the City Fire Alarm Station and the City’s Information Technology building. The age and unique features of the building, as well as its historic use, qualifies it as a Historic Building on the City’s Register of Historic Places. But it needs a new purpose – one that’s meaningful to the community.

Offer your suggestions by taking the Winn Park Survey!