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Can you say “111 degrees”? The National Weather Service is.

With temperatures expected to hit 111 on Thursday, the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento are adding another cooling center to the list – Hagginwood Community Center in North Sacramento. Hagginwood will be open today and tomorrow, Thursday, June 22, from 1-8 p.m. Pets are welcome.

This is in addition to another City/County facility open – The Hart Senior Center at 915 27th Street. These are among other area cooling centers listed at 211 – a health and human service referral hotline.

The Parks and Rec department is utilizing volunteers to assist with staffing the facility.  The Regional Center for Volunteerism / HandsOn Superior California is coordinating volunteers for this heat wave. They are encouraging people to volunteer to be on a resource list for whenever cooling center staffing is needed this summer. Please visit HandsOn Superior California for more information.

Remember to beat the heat!

Here are some helpful tips to beat the heat this summer:

  • Check on your elderly neighbors
  • Never leave children or pets in cars
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid very cold drinks
  • Take cool showers to lower your body temperature
  • Limit your exposure to the sun – stay indoors where it is air-conditioned or go a public place that is air conditioned
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing

Make sure to visit our Summer Heat page for things you can do to stay cool during the heat waves.

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