State lawmakers congratulate Sac PD’s School Resource Officers Unit

On Monday, July 10, the California State Assembly formally recognized the efforts and accomplishments of The Sacramento City Unified School District School Resource Officer (SCUSD SRO) Unit with the passage of a Resolution.

The SCUSD SRO unit, which was developed nearly two decades ago, is comprised of Police Officers from the Sacramento Police Department who work in direct collaboration with the Sacramento County Probation Department and the Sacramento City Unified School District’s Office of Safe Schools.  The unit serves students at Sacramento City Unified Schools across the region which is includes over 43,000 students. Their job is to keep the peace at the schools, first and foremost by building relationships with the students.

The State Assembly noted the SCUSD SRO Unit’s restorative practices which have resulted in positive school enrollment, a decline in suspensions and expulsions and a decline in truancy.  In addition to the improved attendance rates and a positive impact to campus atmosphere, the unit was also responsible for maintaining campus safety through the recovery of multiple firearms found on or destined for school campuses.

The SCUSD SRO Unit is vigorously involved in the development, training and review of Comprehensive School Safety Plans for the 75 campuses it serves.  These efforts epitomize our ongoing commitment to the safety of students, faculty and the community at large by the Sacramento Police Department.

Our Department is honored to receive recognition for the work done by our officers and other members of the SCUSD SRO Unit in their ongoing commitment to the safety of Sacramento City Schools and upholding the high standards of the Police Department.

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