City announces solar power partnership through SMUD’s ‘SolarShares’

City of Sacramento is excited to announce its partnership with SMUD for solar power through SMUD’s SolarShares program. SMUD will provide the City with power from 13 megawatts of solar photovoltaics, operated offsite on the City’s behalf. The new partnership will allow the City to lock in a guaranteed energy rate for the next 20 years, anticipated to save more than $8 million from future rate increases. The savings is equivalent to about seven months of free electricity for City facilities. Sacramento is receiving the largest commercial SolarShares allocation from SMUD to date.

City Council voted on Tuesday to participate in the commercial version of the program. Participation in the program helps the City continue to progress toward its climate goals, and bring municipal electricity use to 57 percent carbon free power.

What does this Partnership mean for the City?…

Solar power will reduce the City’s carbon footprint, offsetting grid electricity with clean solar power produced off-site. SMUD will provide approximately half the electricity needs for 103 of the largest City accounts, offsetting approximately 35 percent of total municipal electricity use. Not only does SolarShares provide cleaner power, but the agreement also provides the City with projected cost savings over the next 20 years.

What are the benefits of off-site solar?…

Since SMUD’s SolarShares solar system has already been constructed, the City can leverage the investment and avoid construction and operation costs. Constructing a similar system on-site would cost the City at the least an estimated $33 million.

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