Code Officers perform proactive sweeps to remove reported abandoned vehicles on City streets

Did you know that Code Enforcement responded to over 13,000 complaints of abandoned vehicles last year? Earlier this year Code Enforcement initiated proactive sweeps in neighborhoods targeting vehicles that are abandoned, inoperable, dismantled and creating a nuisance on the streets.

Since May, over 500 vehicles have been proactively marked with a notice.  Majority were voluntarily removed and the others have been towed. Vehicles that appear to be abandoned (vehicles with cobwebs, accumulation of dust, and have not moved for more than 3 days); display expired registration by more than 6-months and 1-day; and inoperable vehicles (vehicles with flat tires, missing car parts, or are vandalized) are subject to be cited and towed after 72-hours.

It is the City of Sacramento’s goal to keep your community safe and clean by removing these vehicles as quickly as possible, but we need help from the community. Abandoned vehicles can be a hazard, impact property values and aesthetics, and contribute to crime in neighborhoods.

Please report abandoned vehicles to the City of Sacramento by dialing 311 or visit the online 311 Service Center.

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