More than 30,000 people are expected to attend “March for the Dream”, an event dedicated to honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The event will consist of a march, a rally and an expo. The march kicks-off January 15 at 8:30 a.m. at the Oak Park Community Center. This ceremonial portion of the march called the “Extra Mile”, will gather community leaders and Oak Park residence.

The official start of the March will begin at 9:00 a.m. at Sacramento City College (3835 Freeport Blvd.) where the public will join and continue the march to the Convention Center.

The march and parade will wind its way through Sacramento’s historic neighborhoods, continue on to downtown Sacramento, and then conclude at the Sacramento Convention Center for the Diversity expo. At the Diversity expo, marchers can enjoy a talent show, participate in dramatic reenactments, and engage with individuals who were a part of the civil rights movement at the wisdom corner.

Immediately following the march, Regional Transit will provide free shuttle service and free bus passes for all marchers back to Oak Park Community Center and Sacramento City College, from the Sacramento Convention Center. For more information on the march and route, visit the March for the Dream.

For the safety of the participants and residents, the Sacramento Police Department will facilitate rolling street closures throughout the route. Officers will close streets as late as possible and reopen as early as safety allows.


If you live on or near: Approximate Closure Time

  • 13th Avenue between Freeport Blvd and Land Park Drive 9:30am – 9:50am
  • Land Park Drive between 13th Avenue and Vallejo Way 9:40am – 10:00am
  • Land Park Drive between Vallejo Way and Broadway 9:50am – 10:10am

More information about the Extra Mile

The “Extra Mile” is dedicated to those who demonstrate services to others. The mile is an opportunity for educators, clergy, law enforcement, political, civic, community and student leaders to talk and walk arm-in-arm in a public display. If you are interested in participating in the “Extra Mile” please sign the registration form.