Mayor Darrell Steinberg delivers first State of the City address

Today, Mayor Darrell Steinberg delivered his first State of the City speech at the Memorial Auditorium, setting an ambitious agenda for the city to grow and reach for the extraordinary. The Mayor emphasized that growth must be inclusive so that every neighborhood and family experiences its benefits.

Watch the intro and full State of the City program and speech below.

Brief excerpts from the Mayor’s speech as delivered

“After one year as your Mayor, I feel even stronger now than a year ago about what it is going to take to succeed. We must grow Sacramento. Committing ourselves to inclusive growth, to building more community wealth, is the only way I know to achieve more for our city and to help solve our most stubborn problems.

A very GOOD city creates more for all its people; art, culture, sports, and civic amenities –  destination attractions for its people and for tourists. A GREAT city connects all of that to its neighborhoods and to the kids from those neighborhoods so they are the ones creating, building and benefiting from the growth.

We must not squander the momentum of the past few years so that our city’s progress can for once – begin to match the incredible well of compassion, creativity, dreams, and abilities of our people. We must aim for the extraordinary. For when we do, we achieve. From our early history of the industrial railroad, to opening the world’s most technologically advanced Golden 1 Center – we overcome the naysayers, the obstacles and the inertia to achieve extraordinary things – for everyone.

It’s time we let go of our safe harbor and put in a little extra – because anything less is just ordinary. Extraordinary, nothing less. Let’s get to it. Thank you.”

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