Sacramento hits the news in three nationally recognized pieces

Washington Post – You’re Going Where?: Sacramento

“…Thanks to the downtown revitalization and the rousing success of “Lady Bird” — Greta Gerwig’s Oscar-nominated homage to her home town — Sacramento has been suddenly, and rightfully, thrust into the spotlight.”

“But what made the landlocked capital special? As it turns out, a lot. With burgeoning culinary, arts and cultural scenes, Sacramento had blossomed and matured…”

Best Cities – Sacramento

“Its natural attributes also drive its livability—#18 for Air Quality and #20 on the planet for climate, courtesy of its Mediterranean temperatures. All that help from Mother Nature has stewarded the city towards declaring itself America’s “Farm to Fork Capital,” surrounded by fertile farms that feed a robust fresh-and-local ethos.”

USA Today – 10 largest cities with highest and lowest salary satisfaction

“U.S. workers appear to be growing more satisfied with the salaries they are receiving thanks to a robust economy and a healthy labor market, according to a new study.

The employment review and research site kununu found that its salary satisfaction index — based on a 5-point score — rose from 2.82 to 3.11 from 2016 to 2017.”

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