2018 Youth Volunteer Directory – A student’s guide to community service opportunities

Students, looking to finish community service hours before school ends? Well, look no further because the recently published 2018 Youth Volunteer Directory is a resource for you, your parents, and teachers seeking volunteer opportunities and other ways to help the community.

The 2018 Youth Volunteer Directory was published by the City’s Volunteer Program and Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA) in mid April and is a comprehensive directory of nonprofit organizations and government agencies that welcome youth as volunteers in the Sacramento region. Even as the school year ends, volunteer opportunities in year-round agencies will still be available for youth to lend a helping hand.

For young people, it can be challenging to find agencies that will allow youth under 18 years of age to do community service. With the resources so conveniently compiled in one easily accessible publication, students can target careers and causes they are drawn to,” said Lillian Nelson, Volunteer Services Manager, Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California.

Not a student? That’s alright. The City of Sacramento Volunteer Program offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for adults as well. Volunteer opportunities include on-going volunteer positions, short-term opportunities, and internships.

For opportunities with the City of Sacramento or more information about the Youth Volunteer Directory, email Mary Lynn Perry, Volunteer Coordinator or call 916-808-8317. You can also learn more at Sac Volunteers.