What do new statewide conservation laws mean for City customers?

At the end of May, Governor Brown signed two pieces of legislation AB 1668 and SB 606, that establish statewide water efficiency goals. The two bills are guidelines for efficient water use and the framework for new standards which must be in place by 2022.

What do these bills mean for City of Sacramento water customers?

Watering efficiently has been a priority for the City even before this legislation. The City offers many rebates for both indoor and outdoor water efficient tools that can help residents use water efficiently. Be sure to check out our rebates online and consider scheduling a Water Wise House Call so that we can help you find ways to save.

The new two-day a week watering schedule also encourages water efficiency by allowing for exemptions from the schedule when you follow water-wise practices like using a soaker hose, or a drip system, or hand watering dry spots. Check out our website for more on the schedule and the exemptions.

As part of these bills, the City of Sacramento will be required to come up with a target for water use by 2022. This will be based on formula that includes 55 gallons per person per day for indoor water use and an amount for outdoor use that will vary throughout the state depending on regional climates.

Fines for not meeting the goals could be brought upon starting in 2027, but those fines would be the responsibility of the water provider, not the individual water user.

Because of the City’s robust rebate programs and two-day a week watering we feel well prepared to set and meet our goals.

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