City safely weathers weekend storm and prepares for more wet weather ahead

Sunday night’s heavy rains and windy weather continue to keep City crews busy.

According to the City Public Works department, approximately 100 trees went down, with a majority being residential trees.

“Public works crews have been working throughout the day to minimize impact to the City,” said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Services. “We anticipate a minimum of three days to clean up.”

Trees that fell into 26th and L streets and 6th and V streets have been cleared. In addition, Department of Utilities crews conducted rain patrol throughout Sunday night and into Monday clearing clogged drains to prevent localized flooding.

Public Works received more than 160 service requests and continue to respond and conduct assessments, officials said.

The City of Sacramento works year-round to prepare for winter storms. In an effort to lessen the impacts of any potential storms, the City’s urban forest division provides routine preemptive tree maintenance throughout the city on regular cycles.

Work crews maintain street trees on a tree-by-tree, block-by-block basis, ensuring that all public trees are inspected and pruned on a regular basis. Staff also works to ensure services are distributed equitably throughout the city. During a storm event, extra crews are on-call after hours responding to hundreds of calls to our 311 Center.

The City also inspects and maintains floodgates throughout, and stores materials close to floodgates or areas prone to flooding. As part of a routine procedure, the City holds drills to rehearse floodgate closures to ensure that the floodgates are quickly closed during an emergency.

According to the National Weather Service, the next wet weather pattern is expected to arrive Tuesday night and continue into Wednesday.