Sacramento set to build the Del Rio Trail

City moves forward with the Del Rio Trail project, the proposed mix-use trail that will run south from Land Park near the Sacramento Zoo to Meadowview Road.

Last night, City Council voted to approve the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The approval of the report is a significant milestone for the project and will allow the City to proceed with the final design phase. Construction is anticipated to begin Fall of 2020.

“The approval of the final EIR is the result of many different interests coming forward to reach consensus on an amazing amenity highlighting our past and our future,” said councilmember Jay Schenirer. “The trail will be a huge community amenity from Land Park to South Sacramento providing true city benefit, connecting the south area to Downtown and the American River Bike Trail.”

In the last few years the City held several community meetings with numerous neighborhood organizations and community members to discuss the project and solicit feedback on the draft EIR.

The Del Rio Trail is an inner-city trail that will allow cyclists, pedestrians, runners, and dog walkers to travel for miles to access schools, parks, retail centers, and jobs. It provides the potential for recreation amenities and will serve as an alternative commute route for people to bike to work rather than drive.


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