City Council adopts new ordinance on shared electric scooters and bikes

A new ordinance will allow more companies to deploy electric scooters and bikes in Sacramento.

This City Council on April 2 adopted updated regulations for shared-rideables (scooters and bike share).

“City Staff in the last year have closely monitored the existing program, have reached out to peer cities, and worked with both local stakeholders and the shared-rideable businesses to establish a regulatory framework,” said Jennifer Donlon Wyant, Active Transportation Specialist.

The adopted regulations would not only help achieve the City’s goals for encouraging active transportation, but also ensure public health and safety, Donlon Wyant said.

The updated regulations include the following:

  • Flexibility for the City to limit the number of devices deployed on City Streets.
  • An updated permit fee structure for vendors that includes City installed parking infrastructure.
  • Empowering parking enforcement officers to issue a $15 fine to the vendor for a shared rideable obstructing the public right of way.
  • 20% of the fleet must be deployed in a disadvantaged community.

The City expects other e-scooter companies to complete the permitting process and begin operations in June.

City Council will evaluate the newly adopted ordinance in six months.

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