City’s first Curbside EV chargers now available

The City in partnership with EVgo, an electric vehicle (EV) charging station operator, unveiled the City’s first-ever curbside high-powered charging plaza for electric vehicles at Southside Park. 

The charging stations at Southside Park includes a total of six curbside chargers, including three 50-kilowatt DC fast-chargers capable of delivering up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes; and three 150- kilowatt DC fast-chargers capable of delivering up to 150 miles of range in 30 minutes.

“Low-cost and convenient EV charging on our City streets will make it easy for residents and visitors alike to shift to electric vehicles and away from fossil fuels,” said Sacramento Councilmember Steve Hansen. “I’ve worked hard to get EV charging into the right-of-way, and now with the EVgo station at Southside Park, users will be able get the charge they need and take time to enjoy the park, walk to Insight Coffee, or enjoy the Sunday Farmers Market.”

In June 2017, under Sacramento’s Demonstration Partnerships Policy (Resolution 2017-0150), the City entered into an agreement with EVgo to construct and operate the City’s first curbside EV charging partnership in order to test, evaluate, and demonstrate the feasibility of curbside EV charging. These chargers can provide up to 150-mile range in as few as 30 minutes and will be available as a paid service for EV drivers.

“Sacramento is the first to have public curb-side electric charging stations and for less than 20 bucks you can fill your ‘tank’” said Vice-Mayor Eric Guerra, “The only way we will improve our air quality is if we begin to make it easier for the average person to own and charge an electric vehicle.”

The high-powered chargers at Southside Park are available to EV drivers at $0.30 per minute. Residents will need to register with EvGo or download the app.

On December 12, 2017 the Sacramento City Council approved the City’s EV Strategy. This was the City’s first strategic action plan for EV and other zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) initiatives. The strategy seeks to spur the use of ZEVs by calling for outreach programs, expanded charging infrastructure, new incentives and other activities.

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