Sacramento Youth Commission looking to fill several seats

The City of Sacramento Youth Commission is currently accepting applications to fill several vacant commission seats.

The Sacramento Youth Commission is a legislative body that advises on matters that impact youth within the City of Sacramento.

“Members of the Sacramento Youth Commission reflect the diversity of the City of Sacramento and serve as the official channel for youth voice at City Hall,” said Lindee Lane, Youth Development Policy Manager. “Young people are uniquely qualified to shape and support meaningful change around the issues that impact them, and the Sacramento Youth Commission is an important avenue to ensure their voices are being heard.”

What exactly does a Sacramento youth commissioner do? Here are some examples:

  • Provide recommendations and advice to the City Council, the Youth Development Policy Manager, and the Department of Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment on policies, projects, programs, and other matters concerning youth.
  • Help other youth learn how City government functions and to how to actively participate in community affairs and city programs
  • Conduct research and coordinate with other youth groups and organizations regarding issues and needs.

To apply, youth must be between the ages of 14 to 22 at the time of the appointment and must reside or attend school in the City of Sacramento. Applications are due no later than July 30, 2019

Two seats are selected by each of the eight Councilmembers with the remaining three seats being selected by the Mayor. The term lasts for two years. The Sacramento Youth Commission comprised of appointed youth community members was established June 15, 1993 as an advisory body to the City of Sacramento City Council.

The Sacramento Youth Commission is facilitated by the City’s Department of Youth, Parks, and, Community Enrichment. As part of the celebration of “Parks make life better” month, the department will showcase the many programs and facilities that help enrich the quality of life of Sacramento residents.