City to honor Jim-Denny’s on its 85th anniversary

The City of Sacramento will recognize Jim-Denny’s in a special presentation that celebrates the historic restaurant’s 85th anniversary.

Councilmember Steve Hansen, who represents the district containing Jim-Denny’s long-time downtown home, will present the recognition at the beginning of July 23’s City Council meeting.

Founded by Jim Van Nort in 1934, the boxy-white restaurant on 12th Street is one of oldest operating eateries in Sacramento and is considered a historical landmark.

Jim-Denny’s is currently owned by the McCune family who purchased the facility in 2011. Husband Jimmy McCune works for the City.

“Jim-Denny’s carries a sentimental value for people of Sacramento and makes them feel at home in a big city,” said co-owner Danielle McCune. “People who have grown up here or had their first date at our restaurant decades ago come back to reminisce their happy moments.”

The small facility attracts a faithful crowd with heaping portions of American cuisine, including burgers, omelets and “The Hubcap Challenge,” where participants are challenged to consume five massive pancakes, eight slices of bacon or sausage and a side of eggs in under 20 minutes.

In addition to being a beloved local establishment, the restaurant was featured on the television series “Man v. Food” in 2010.

Despite its long-running popularity, McCune said she and her husband Jimmy McCune (who also works for the City as a utilities service worker) want to keep the restaurant humble.

“Our vision is to regrow small businesses in the Sacramento area and to make people feel more welcomed,” she said. “We don’t currently plan on expansion because it would not have the same spark or value to the people who have visited us for years.”

In its effort to give back to the community, the restaurant also offered Thanksgiving dinner to survivors during the wildfire in Paradise.

Jim-Denny’s is located at 816 12th St. in downtown Sacramento.

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