$500k in grants for starts-ups and entrepreneurs coming Oct. 14

On Oct. 14, the City will offer $500,000 in grants to support organizations that help start-up businesses and entrepreneurs in Sacramento.

Called “Innovation Grants,” the funding is available to organizations located in Sacramento or that primarily offer services within city limits.

The grants are funded through the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab, a part of City’s economic development efforts, is a program that uses innovation and technology to encourage and grow business within Sacramento.

“These grants can encourage innovation at every level of business,” said project manager Aubree Taylor. “We often find that companies need some support to grow from an idea to a success and this helps them get there.”

Applications are open from Oct. 14 to Nov. 25 and can be filled out online.

The program was previously called RAILS or Rapid Acceleration, Innovation and Leadership in Sacramento and has given out nearly $2 million in grants since 2016 to businesses and individuals.

“As the city dives deeper into inclusive economic development and prepares for a digital economy, we use the SUTL concept to start conversations with government, industry and education partners in growing industries,” said Louis Stewart, Chief Innovation officer for the City.

Known by the acronym “SUTL,” the program focuses on several industries, sustainable transportation technologies, health and life sciences, connected “smart” systems and cybersecurity.