Six reasons to attend the Highwater Jamboree this Saturday

The City of Sacramento on Saturday, Oct. 19 will hold its second annual flood-ready exposition, the Highwater Jamboree, which promises to be a fun and interesting way to learn about preparing for storms and floods.

But, if you need more convincing, here are six reasons to attend the event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Miller Regional Park.

1. See and touch heavy flood-fighting equipment

Flood fighting often involves large machinery and there will be no shortage of it on display at the Highwater Jamboree.

An automatic sandbagging machine, a police helicopter, fire trucks, mobile command centers and “The Claw” are just a few examples of types of heavy equipment that attendees can see and interact with.

2. Sandbagging competitions

Several teams will compete in sandbagging competitions to see who can fill bags with sand and stack them up quickly, a vital skill during floods.

Want to take part? Families are welcome to join in the fun after emergency agencies have had theirs.

3. Swift-water rescues

Floods can bring with them cold and fast moving waters to areas where people don’t expect them.

A common strategy for rescuing victims, swift-water rescues involves highly trained responders getting to a drowning subject fast. They often uses boats or ropes to stabilize subjects in the water and get them to dry ground.

4. Puppies. Yes, puppies

Pets are part of the family and that means helping them out during emergencies.

The City’s Front Street Animal Shelter will be on-hand with adoptable animals to give out tips and tricks for your furry friends to make sure they stay safe in the event of a flood.

5. See how emergency agencies work together

Any large storm or flood event takes a community-wide coordination to make sure people are safe. Stay and chat with staff from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, CA Dept. of Water Resources, City emergency and public safety crews… just to name a few!

6. Come for the fun, stay for the safety

Safety and preparedness aren’t always fun but they are always important, which is why the Highwater Jamboree aims to make citizens flood-ready in an interesting way.

Not only do you get the chance to have fun in a family-friendly environment, you’ll also end up better prepared with tips, resources and knowledge that could keep you safe during an emergency.


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