What’s the best way to dispose of your holiday tree?

Wondering what’s the best way to dispose of your holiday tree?

Look no further than your yard waste container, said Erin Treadwell, community outreach and media manager for the City’s Recycling and Solid Waste Division. And if it doesn’t fit in there, City of Sacramento residential yard-waste customers can place trees in the street for pickup as part of the City’s leaf-season service, she said.

“Our customers have options,” Treadwell said. “If you miss the citywide tree collection or can’t place your tree in the street, you can put it in your yard waste container. The tree must be cut into pieces that will fit completely into the container with the lid closed.”

Treadwell said trees should be clean of all lights, tinsel and decorations. They can’t have an attached stand. Flocked trees are accepted.

When placing the tree on the street, make sure there is space between the curb and tree to allow water to flow to storm drains, Treadwell said. Do not place trees in bike lanes.

The last day that trees — or any yard waste — can be placed out on the street for collection is Jan. 26, 2020.  Customers can see an estimated date for their next on-street collection by checking the leaf season schedule at www.sacrecycle.org or by calling 311.

On-street tree collection is for residential customers who receive yard waste service from the City. Those who do not receive residential yard waste services from the City should use one of the free drop-off events or find another legal disposal method for their tree.