Find out why City staff want you to ‘break up with your lawn’ at this virtual workshop

The City’s Department of Utilities on May 29 will host a virtual workshop that is designed to help residents ditch their lawn.

The workshop, called “Break Up With Your Lawn,” features City water conversation staff, landscape designers and educators, and will teach the basics of creating yard landscapes that require little water.

“Most people that still have a grass lawn in front of their house have never set foot on it and when irrigated, water quickly runs off into the street,” said William Granger, the City’s water conservation coordinator. “Replacing your purely decorative turf with a beautiful alternative that uses about half as much water can be a great water-wise alternative.”

Residents are encouraged to register for the workshop, which takes place at noon via a web conferencing service and should last about 90 minutes.

“For those that can’t stick around for the full workshop, it will be recorded and available for anyone to watch later on our website,” said Granger.

People can learn more about “water-wise” landscaping, rebate incentives and watering schedules for the summer at the City’s water conservation website.