Doing this one small thing could keep Sacramento safer during fire season

Summer weather has arrived in Sacramento and with it a reminder to eliminate tall, dry weeds growing in vacate lots and properties.

“This routine maintenance is crucial to the safety of our neighborhoods and is required by City ordinance,” said Jose Mendez, Code Enforcement Manager for the City of Sacramento.

There are approximately 4,000 vacant lots in the city, Mendez said, and if they become overgrown with dry weeds, it can pose a significant fire hazard. Grass fires can spread quickly from a vacant lot or property to an adjacent residential neighborhood.

Here’s what property owners need to know to help keep our community safe:

  • If you own vacant, undeveloped property, then it is your responsibility to maintain the condition of that property.
  • To avoid penalties and fees, property owners must cut weeds or disk their property. Weeds cannot exceed 12 inches in height. Disking is the preferable method to maintain properties as it prevents weed growth for a longer period of time.
  • Deadline for mowing, disking, and/or clearing vacant lots was April 15. (The City requires the same deadline every year.) Properties with weeds at a height of 12-inches or higher may be cited.

City Code enforcement will begin proactive abatement checks starting in June, Mendez said. Residents may file a complaint of overgrown weeds on a property by calling 311.

The City of Sacramento owns hundreds of undeveloped parcels. City staff began cutting weeds on these parcels in March. If you believe a City property has overgrown weeds on it, please contact 311.

For more information, call (916) 808-5417 or visit the weed abatement web page.


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