City appoints Interim Director of newly created ‘community response’ office

The City of Sacramento on July 14 appointed Bridgette Dean as the Interim Director of a newly created “community response” office.

The City Council directed the creation of the new office on July 1 to establish an alternative response model for 911 calls that do not require a police officer response.

“Bridgette was appointed to this position because of her social services career, which spans more than two decades serving our local community in various capacities from non-profit and community-based organizations to public service and education,” said City Manager Howard Chan. “I have complete confidence in her leadership and look forward to launching this innovative and groundbreaking work that will focus on improving service delivery to our community.”

Prior to this appointment, Dean established the first social services unit in law enforcement in the Sacramento region and as a non-sworn employee currently oversees the IMPACT team and Mental Health and Social Services units within the Sacramento Police Department.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dean’s outreach and service has been focused on youth and families, mental health, education, domestic violence, substance use disorders and homelessness. Dean has served as an administrator, social worker and counselor in law enforcement and in public schools serving students from elementary to high school.

$5 million has been allocated from the current budget to launch this initiative with the goal of effectively transferring calls that do not require a law enforcement response to alternative first responders over the next two years. This new office will benefit from strong community engagement as the City develops tailored response models based upon identified needs.

“This is a step in the right direction for our City and will allow us to better assist our community members when they’re in need,” said Dean. “I am honored to have the opportunity to work closely with staff and the community to develop the framework for this new office.”

Dean’s first initiative will be to develop the initial operational framework of the office along with a staffing model that will include multiple departments and disciplines.

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