Watch this upcoming webinar and you could save up to $400 on new sprinkler heads

The City’s Department of Utilities on July 28 will be hosting a webinar on its irrigation upgrade program, which offers rebates of up to $400 for high-efficiency sprinkler heads to Sacramento residents.

The webinar is called “Get Water Smart: Sacramento’s Irrigation Upgrade Program” and will explain the types of rebates available and when an upgrade makes sense for homeowners. It is hosted by water efficiency experts from the City.

“If you water your fence or sidewalk instead of your lawn and water pours off your property after just a few minutes of watering, this workshop is for you,” said City Water Conservation Coordinator William Granger.

Residents are encouraged to register for the webinar, which takes place at noon via a web conferencing service and should last about 90 minutes.

Similar webinars were hosted in May and June 2020 and were attended by more than 500 viewers.

People can learn more about “water-wise” landscaping, rebate incentives and watering schedules for the summer at the City’s water conservation website.

According to the Irrigation Association, July is “Smart Irrigation Month.”

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