City of Sacramento launches ‘Show the Love, Sacramento’ mask campaign

Hugs? Not now. High fives? Yeah, right. Secret handshakes? Nope. Right now, we’re a little low on ways to show love. But wearing a mask? That’s perfect.

The City of Sacramento and Uptown Studios this week launched a local public-service campaign to compel Sacramento residents and visitors to wear masks/face coverings in public indoor spaces and outdoors when they cannot maintain six feet from others.

Called “Show the Love, Sacramento,” the campaign utilizes social-media graphics, user-generated photos and video, billboard signage and other materials to convey the message. It states that while physical affection and engagement with others may be limited at the moment, the best way to show love and take care of others during the pandemic is by wearing a mask.

“The idea is to reinforce the health benefits of wearing a mask and capitalize on Sacramento’s community spirit and shared empathy,” said Media and Communications Manager Tim Swanson.

Campaign materials have been translated into multiple languages and will be widely shared by the City, its community partners and other organizations.

A key component of the campaign is the hashtag #MaskUpSac. Residents are encouraged to “mask up” whenever in a public setting and to participate in the campaign by taking a photo or video of themselves and sharing it and their story with the hashtag.

The coronavirus can spread when an infected person speaks, sneezes or coughs within six feet of others, according to State health officials and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To prevent infection, the State is requiring everyone to cover their nose and mouth when outside of their home.

Residents and organizations can learn more about the campaign and download the media toolkit by visiting the “Show the Love” webpage.

Download the files directly here.

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