Free COVID-19 financial navigation services now available for local residents

To help residents with their unique COVID-related financial needs, the City of Sacramento has expanded its Financial Empowerment Center to include free financial navigation services for local residents impacted by the pandemic.

The navigation services staff will help callers access various local, state and federal COVID-19 resources. The expanded program is funded by the $89 million the City received from the federal CARES Act.

“We are so glad to be expanding this program to address the growing financial distress that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Amy Williamson, the City’s FEC manager. “The new navigation services offered through the FEC will allow us to better serve our local residents who have been impacted financially by helping them access vital resources to meet their immediate household needs.”

These navigation services are a complement to the core work of the Financial Empowerment Center, which launched in May. The center focuses on financial coaching, with professionally-trained staff members helping clients with long-term financial stability goals such as banking access, establishing or improving credit, debt reduction and savings.

Staff works to ensure that clients can meet their basic needs, maintain housing stability and connect with workforce services as needed. Navigation is available in English, Spanish and Arabic, with interpretation in other languages available upon request.

Callers seeking short-term navigation services are welcome to use the Center’s coaching services as a follow-up. All FEC services are managed by our lead community partner, the Sacramento office of International Rescue Committee.

To request an appointment for financial navigation services or for coaching, call 916-808-4927 or email For more information, see here.

Core financial support for the FEC comes from Citi Community Development, the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund and the City of Sacramento.

All services offered through the FEC are free. Please note that while the Financial Empowerment Center does not directly provide cash assistance, staff can help eligible clients access local, state and federal resources as they are available.

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