See how City fire, utilities crews train for storms and flooding in Sacramento

City fire and utilities departments on Oct. 20 demonstrated several ways they prepare for storms, floods and emergencies during a live training event that was open to news media.

Staff performed training drills that simulate rescuing victims in fast moving rivers, demonstrated the proper way to fill and place sandbags and displayed equipment frequently used in fighting floods, including robots that explore pipes, trucks that clear clogged drains and other heavy machinery.

“Every year the City of Sacramento conducts interagency coordination and rigorously inspects our flood-fighting equipment to ensure we are prepared to swiftly respond and safeguard our community against flood-related hazards,” said Daniel Bowers, director of emergency management. “Refining and improving our flood preparedness is akin to a robust insurance policy to protect life and infrastructure within our City and surrounding area from potentially catastrophic impacts.”

Four news outlets attended the media-only event which replaced a public event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last year we demonstrated emergency preparedness with the ‘Highwater Jamboree,’ a community event that brought fun and flood awareness to hundreds of residents,” said Carlos Eliason, a creative specialist with the City. “We will be working hard to bring the event back in 2021.”

Eliason says residents can find many of the resources that were available at the Highwater Jamboree at the City’s website.

“Residents can visit our flood preparedness webpage to learn about the City’s response teams and how to prepare their homes and families.”

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