New ‘Portland Loo’ public restroom opens in Cesar Chavez Plaza

A new standalone “Portland Loo” restroom now is open to the public in downtown’s Cesar Chavez Plaza, the first of its kind in Sacramento.

“Over the years, we have heard from residents and businesses the need for public restrooms,” said Councilmember Steve Hansen. “The installation of the Portland Loo in Cesar Chavez Plaza is a step in addressing these concerns and will allow visitors to safely access a public restroom with unique features that are designed to ensure a positive experience.”

The restroom is free to use and open 24 hours a day. Originally created in Portland, Ore., “the Loos are designed specifically to prevent problems that are commonly experienced with public toilets,” according to the company’s website.

Here are some of the unique aspects of the Portland Loo:

  • The coated stainless-steel walls are hard to vandalize and easy to clean.
  • The hand-washing station is mounted on the exterior.
  • The restroom is protected with an anti-graffiti clear coat and is easy to maintain with a cleaning hose and janitorial supplies stored in the mechanical closet.
  • The restroom requires minimal utilities, at 1.28 gallons per flush and a max 60-watt load.
  • The Portland Loo’s open bottom and top allow site lines and sounds to carry outside the restroom to help prevent crime while still providing privacy.

The Portland Loo will provide both residents and office workers with an accessible public restroom in the central city, said Raymond Costantino, Park Planning and Development Manager for the department of Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment (YPCE), and help support events at Cesar Chavez, such as Concerts in the Park.

“The Loo will also alleviate the pressure for business owners to provide restrooms for people experiencing homelessness and will help keep the park and surrounding area clean,” he said.

The City continues to invest in improving public restrooms throughout Sacramento. The following restroom replacement projects have recently been completed or are currently under construction:

  • Stanford Park (205 27th St.) – opened in November 2020
  • Sutter’s Landing Park (20 28th St.) – expected to open in winter 2021
  • Roosevelt Park (1615 9th St.) – expected to open in spring 2021
  • Southside Park (2115 6th St.) – expected to open in summer 2021

The City also recently renovated restrooms at Tahoe Park (3501 59th St.) and Oki Park (2715 Wissemann Drive). Future restroom renovation projects include Southside Park, O’Neil Park (715 Broadway), William Land Park (3800 Land Park Drive) and Meadowview Park (1128 Meadowview Drive).

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