Avoid a hearty holiday mishap by doing these three simple things

City of Sacramento Utilities staff are reminding people to take precautions this year when cooking their holiday meals, as fat, oil and grease can cause clogged drains or worse — a sewer main clog.

Food is an important part of many holiday gatherings, but it can also become a cause of concern. Certain dishes (we’re looking at you, turkey) produce large amounts fat, oil and grease. When cleaning up, some people put these byproducts down the drain as a liquid, but then they cool and harden, which is a leading cause of clogs.

Follow these three simple steps to avoid a clogged holiday:

  1. Pour it – pour any fat, oil and grease into a disposable container
  2. Seal it – make sure the disposable container is securely sealed
  3. Trash it – throw away the container into a garbage bin
“The sewer system is like an artery to your heart as it flows throughout our city,” said City Wasterwaster Supervisor Kevin Waller. “Bypasses are costly, so lets keep the flow moving by preventing fat, oil and grease from blocking the drain.”
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