Statement from Sac PD regarding potential demonstrations at State Capitol

With the FBI informing all 50 state capitols of a potential increase in demonstrations and protest activity in the coming days, the Sacramento Police Department has released the following statement:

“The Sacramento Police Department Criminal Intelligence Unit continually monitors information regarding potential demonstrations that could occur within the Sacramento City limits. The California Highway Patrol is responsible for security at the State Capitol and may be able to address your questions regarding security at the building. Our department regularly monitors and dedicates officers to demonstrations that occur in the surrounding areas of our State Capitol.

“The Sacramento Police Department will have a large presence of officers dedicated to the area around the Capitol for any future demonstrations that do occur. We are also coordinating with our local allied law enforcement agencies, which would include the California Highway Patrol and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, in our response to any future demonstrations.

“At this point, for security reasons, we will not be disclosing any specifics regarding plans, tactics, or intelligence gathered for any demonstrations that may occur in the future.”

For updates regarding any potential demonstrations, please follow the Sac PD’s Twitter account at @SacPolice.

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