This popular park in Sacramento soon could grow to add wildlife viewing and bike trails

The City of Sacramento recently agreed to acquire two areas of land near Sutter’s Landing Park in northern downtown Sacramento that could be used for wildlife habitat and allow for a future extension of an adjacent multi-use path called the Two Rivers Bike Trail.

“We’re going to add about 30 acres to Sutter’s Landing Park and secure a section of the American River Parkway — that is absolutely stunning — for our constituents, for the future inhabitants of the Railyards and River District,” said Councilmember Jeff Harris, who represents District 3, which includes the downtown area. “I’m very excited about this.”

About 17 acres will be acquired from the California Almond Growers Exchange, also known as Blue Diamond, using a $1.65 million wildlife conservancy grant from the State’s Wildlife Conservation Board.

The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District will transfer to the City about 16 acres of former landfill.

Both acreages are part of a section of land north of downtown that has historically been used for industrial purposes.

Sutter’s Landing Park features basketball courts, bocce courts, a dog park and a skate park and connects to the Two Rivers Bike Trail.

City staff are planning a future phase of the Two Rivers Bike Trail that could connect a portion of the nearby Sacramento Northern Bikeway and American River Parkway through the newly acquired land.

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