Tell the City what you think about the design for the Stockton Boulevard Corridor’s future

The City’s Transportation Planning team is asking the community for feedback on its design to make Stockton Boulevard safer and more inviting for people using all types of transportation.

“The project team has used comments from the community to shape the design of Stockton Boulevard,” said Project Manager Drew Hart. “If we’ve missed the mark and hear from the community on some desired changes, we’ll make edits to the report before it is presented to City Council.”

The draft report is the culmination of more than 18 months of work and now is available for people to comment online. The team incorporated feedback from the community and modeled future traffic impacts to come up with the final designs for the stretch of the boulevard from Alhambra Boulevard to 47th Avenue.

“Many people bike, walk and take the bus on Stockton Boulevard, but the current design of the street prioritizes fast-moving drivers,” said Hart. “Our conceptual design aims to improve the safety and mobility for everyone who uses the street.”

Stockton Boulevard is a five-lane corridor that connects midtown to south Sacramento. More than 1,600 residents and 12,000 jobs are within a 5-minute walk of the corridor, making it an important thoroughfare. However, it has also been identified as one of the corridors with the most fatal and severe-injury crashes in the city.

Through meetings, online chats and surveys, community members identified their top transportation concerns: high-speed traffic, long distances between crosswalks and narrow bike lanes.

Proposed improvements include 15 new crosswalks, 1.4 miles of new bike facilities and upgrades on 2.7 more miles, a 1-mile-long bus-bike lane for faster transit times, 23 new bus shelters, and 3 miles of pedestrian scale lighting.

This transportation plan is just one piece of the proposed changes for Stockton Boulevard. The City is partnering with the community and business owners to transform Stockton Boulevard by addressing housing and anti-displacement, inclusive economic development, arts and culture, and environmental and public health.

Residents can weigh in on the Transportation Plan public draft now until April 4. The plan will go to City Council for approval in May.

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