Does the City of Sacramento owe you money? Here’s how to find out

The City of Sacramento’s Finance Department has published a list of people and businesses that may be able to collect money from the City.

The unpaid funds belong to four groups: vendors who previously have conducted business with the City; former City employees; retirees who are part of the Sacramento City Employees’ Retirement System; and utility rate payers who had credit balances when they closed their accounts.

“What we are essentially talking about here are uncashed checks that were issued or mailed but have not been cashed three years or more after their issue date,” said Osvaldo Lopez, accounting manager for the City. “This process also focuses on unrefunded billing account balances for City utility customers.”

There are approximately 4,100 entities that may collect money as part of this process, Lopez said, in an amount totaling $1.1 million.

Please review this list to see if you or your business are owed money. If you determine that there are funds you would like to collect, please complete this claim form.

All claims must be filed on or before June 28, 2021 in accordance with these instructions. The City will usually issue a check within 30 to 90 days after receiving the proper documentation, Lopez said.

The City has a duty to release funds only to the rightful owner, Lopez said. As part of the process, all claimants will be asked to provide documentation to validate their claims to ensure the rightful owner receives the unpaid funds.

Claims should be mailed to the City of Sacramento, Finance Department, ATTN: Unclaimed Property, 915 I Street, Mail Stop 09620, Sacramento, CA 95814. They also can be emailed in PDF format to with the subject header “Claim for (name), (amount) within the (fund) Fund.”

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