City Council Chambers

The City has updated its public-comment system for meetings. Here’s what you need to know

With City Council and other public meeting remaining virtual for time being due to the pandemic, the City Clerk’s Office has updated the public-comment system for meetings to make it more efficient and user friendly.

Over the past year, public comments have been made by accessing a dedicated phone line. Now, people can address the legislative body by joining the meeting via Zoom — either by calling a phone number or by participating online.

“Public comments are critical to the meetings of our legislative bodies,” said City Clerk Mindy Cuppy. “We believe this new system will make the commenting process smoother for anyone who wants to participate.”

Here are instructions for addressing a legislative body via Zoom. They also

  1. LOCATE the meeting agenda and Zoom link on the City’s Upcoming Meetings website for the meeting you wish to make public comment.
  2. LOG IN to the meeting by either clicking on the Zoom webinar link on the meeting’s agenda or dialing the Zoom phone number and entering the webinar ID.
  3. “RAISE YOUR HAND” to provide public comment when the presiding officer confirms the public comment speaking period for your desired item.
    • Online: If you are online, click on “raise hand” on the bottom of your screen.
    • Mobile App: In the mobile app, you can raise your hand by tapping the “Raise Hand” option in the “More” tab.
    • Telephone: If you are calling in via telephone, to raise your hand, dial *9 (star-nine). Then to unmute or mute, dial *6 (star-six). Speakers will be called on by the last four digits of their phone number.

In addition, here are two helpful tutorials for participating in Zoom meetings:

When it is your time to speak, it is recommended, but not required, that you give your name and council district, Cuppy said. All speakers will have two minutes to address the legislative body and will be muted after the allocated time. Participants who wish to speak on multiple agenda items will follow the same process.

People also can participate in meetings by submitting written comments electronically. Written comments received are distributed to members, filed in the record and will not be read aloud. Members of the public are encouraged to submit public comments electronically via eComment, through the City’s Upcoming Meetings website or via email at

In response to Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 and the Resolution Declaring the Existence of a Local Emergency Relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic adopted by the Sacramento City Council, City Council and other public meetings currently are teleconference meetings only.