Learn at this webinar how the latest tech can keep your landscape green while conserving water

City Utilities staff are inviting residents to attend a webinar at noon July 29 where they can learn how to use the latest “smart” irrigation technology to water landscapes efficiently and save water.

The webinar will feature certified water conservation experts from the City who will explain how smart controllers use weather and moisture sensors to adjust sprinkler times.

The webinar also will include a “question and answer” portion for attendees.

“According to the EPA, 50 percent of water used outdoors is wasted on evaporation and runoff from inefficient irrigation systems,” said William Granger, City water conservation coordinator. “Smart controllers can help to prevent much of the water waste so you can keep your landscapes healthy and still save water.”

Residents can register to attend the webinar, which should last about an hour.

The City from July 1 to Dec. 31 is offering rebates of up to $800 on irrigation upgrades and offers other water-saving rebates.