City crews to perform maintenance on its flood control system

The Department of Utilities soon will begin maintenance work on the City’s flood-control system, including creeks, bridges and roads near Morrison Creek, Power Ridge Basin, and Cascade Ditch.

Considered work on critical infrastructure, the maintenance is similar to the upkeep the City performed during the past summer and will take approximately three weeks to complete.

“This work is being done during the dry season in advance of any rain we could receive this coming winter,” said Bill Busath, director of the Department of Utilities. “These facilities are vitally important in helping reduce our risk of flood.”

Crews will remove debris that can cause localized flooding or that blocks service roads, repair the undersides of bridges and creek banks, as well as mow vegetation that poses a fire hazard.

The City’s Department of Community Response will partnering with local service providers to provide outreach and connect anyone camping in the area with social services.

Here is a schedule of when and where the maintenance work will be performed:

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